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Who We Are

"At BWC Consulting, we hold strong and dear to the highest ideals of professionalism, integrity and results. That translates into everyone at BWC constantly working to a superior standard. What that means to you is that we hold your success and satisfaction at the core of our business each and every day. Our mission is grounded in bringing real value to businesses, which fosters profitable growth for the company; thereby providing a higher quality of life for their communities. By helping to empower, elevate and enlarge businesses, we believe we can have a transformative impact. We stand experienced, knowledgeable, ready and eager for the opportunity to work with you to operationalize your Vision"

Bridget Chisholm, Managing Partner


Our Services

  • Project "Operationalization"
  • Public/Private Partnership Strategy
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Business Enterprise/Project Support and Analysis
  • Structured Layered Financing

  • Project Planning and Support
  • Financial Planning
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Debt Policy/Planning
  • Debt Issuance Financial Advisory

  • Business Planning/Strategy Development
  • Operating Strategy Development
  • Interim Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Divestiture/Harvest Strategy
  • Joint Ventures/Alliances/Partnership Planning & Execution

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Contact Information

North Carolina Office:
P.O. Box 5183
Greensboro, NC 27435
Phone: 336.691.5786
Fax: 919.688.8478
Email: info@bwcconsulting.com
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