Case Studies

Case Studies

City of Greensboro

Phase I & II via BWC Engagement:

  • Synthesis and review of past studies
  • Conduct research and analysis
  • Turn findings and recommendations into a viable and financially feasible project


Claflin University

BWC was engaged to provide strategic and advisory services to Claflin University. The scope of services provided includes:

  • Complete enterprise assessment to determine debt capacity and affordability;
  • Business case to support the recommendations and strengthen the enterprise;
  • Restructure the existing financial instrument to improve the financial position and enhance project viability;
  • Test/confirm the project viability and financing feasibility of a proposed new construction project;
  • Identify the best financing structure (i.e., rating assessment and sources and uses) to operationalize vision;
  • Provide “Quarterback” services for any potential construction project that receives Board of Trustee approval.

BWC implemented a strategy to restructure a portion of the University’s debt obligations resulting in cost savings of approximately $450,000 annual debt, elimination of service payments of $210,000 ($35,000 annually over 6 years) and the release of $112,000 in reserves, which further improved their liquidity.

BWC advised the college through the HBCU Capital Financing Program process completing a $12 million loan for capital improvements, master plan integration and new student housing providing an additional 200 beds.

Rendering - Claflin University Student Housing Project

Claflin University Student Housing Project

Claflin University Student Health Center (EXTERIOR) - Existing apartment unit was renovated and repurposed as a new larger student health center

Claflin University Student Health Center - (INTERIOR)

1969 High-rise student housing (EXTERIOR) renovations

1969 High-rise student housing (INTERIOR) renovations

Texas College

BWC served as financial advisor to Texas College on $19 million financing under the HBCU Capital Loan Program to construct and make improvements to the following facilities during Phase I of the Master Plan:

  • Expand & upgrade 100-seat Dining & Student Activity Center
  • Increase on-campus housing options with a new 214-bed Residence Hall
  • Renovate existing dormitory assets, Fair & Daniel Halls
  • Add 1/3 mile walking, fitness trails area

Rendering - Texas College 214-Bed Student Housing Facility

Rendering - Texas College Student Activity Center


Spring Lake Rural in Character

Mixed-use Commercial
Operational I-HOP and Candlewood Suites Hotel
$13 million project


  • USDA B&I Loan (post designation)
  • Cumberland County
  • Spring Lake
  • Partnership Equity

About the Project

  • Large undeveloped tracks of land not eligible for annexation. The defined demonstration area does not meet the 60% developed requirement.
  • Military base creates an insurmountable hurdle and division between the Town and its urbanized city, Fayetteville, NC that resides in the same county, Cumberland. Large undeveloped tracks of military holdings cut off the town on both sides.


The Towne Center at SoulsvilleUSA

The Towne Center at SoulsvilleUSA is the first lifestyle center inside the City of Memphis and the first capital project in which developers used 80% minority participation, with businesses in the community. The Towne Center opened in the winter of 2010. Once fully operational, it will create 179 new jobs, of which 52 percent will be white collar professional and/or management level positions.

The Towne Center project was lead by the LeMoyne-Owen College Community Development Corporation with BWC Consulting as the financial advisor. BWC finalized the $12 million structured layered financing including: private loans, New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), federal appropriations, grants, and local public subsidies from the City and County.

By only partnering with those who embraced this concept of "people", who prioritized human capital, and believed that people can take care of themselves and their families, our client was afforded the unparalleled ability to create jobs and opportunities that would lead to wealth creation.

The Goodwill, the intangible of pride and enthusiasm the residents and stakeholders exude has made this the fulcrum of the community's redevelopment and revitalization. Hence the social impact where we have created a sense of place for people to truly live, work and play.

Bennett College for Women

As a financial advisor to Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC, BWC completed a modification of the College’s debt, unencumbering $30 million in physical assets and revenues. This allowed the College to plan and borrow for the construction of several new campus buildings including a global living and learning center, a new honors dormitory, a wellness center and a children’s center. BWC advised the college through the HBCU Capital Financing Program process, completing a $21 million loan for capital improvements. The project used a high percentage of local and minority contractors, creating new construction jobs. The economic impact of these campus improvements on the surrounding community is substantial as the College positions itself for future growth, competitiveness and sustainability.

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