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Economic Development Advisory

BWC has a passion for organizations and projects that seek to do more than create internal wealth but seek to transform and empower the communities in which they operate. In the urban areas we work in, additional and/or unforeseen obstacles often exist that create more challenges to getting projects completed or even started. BWC works with our client to overcome these challenges and as a result, the impact on the surrounding community is even greater. BWC offers an array of customized services to assist organizations in unlocking their potential to create value and moving projects from the vision stage to development, execution and closing.

Project “Operationalization”

BWC specializes in moving projects from the concept stage to development and execution. We begin by assessing the feasibility and triple bottom-line impact of a project and/or identifying the highest and best use of a site. From there we work with our clients to identify and manage the phases and requirements of a project and the project team needed to complete the project. We model pro forma projections and identify financing needs and then identify the various private and public sources available.

Public/Private Partnership Strategy

We work with our clients to identify the synergies that can be created by leveraging the resources of both the private and public sectors. Projects can often be made stronger, more viable and their impact broadened with the participation and support of both the private and public sectors. We work with our clients to develop the most effective strategies for partnering and provide the expertise to navigate the public sector processes for gaining support and funding.

Organizational Capacity Building

We work with clients to establish the appropriate internal structure to position organizations for growth. We work with them to determine wealth and value creation strategies including partnership opportunities, enterprise creation and real estate/project dev elopement. We work with these organizations to implement internal planning, tracking and reporting to ensure ongoing success and sustainability.

Business Enterprise/Project Support and Analysis

We define our client’s overall strategy for achieving triple bottom line results. By applying our proven BWC Value Creation Process to understand the organization, project, stakeholders and community, we determine the most effective approach. BWC will develop financial models and conduct sensitivity analyses and interpret the results for strategic decision-making. We will also identify financial and operational risks as well as mitigation strategies.

Our Innovative Financing

In order to meet the needs of each unique client, BWC takes an innovative approach known as Structured Multi-Layered Financing, which:

  • Leverages the power of public-private partnerships using financial products and incentives, tax credits and programs available from local, state and/or federal government.
  • Incorporates traditional financial institutions willing to work in the community development space to deliver attractive financing options.
  • Accesses the constantly changing landscape of financial tools available for community development to leverage every dollar for which they qualify for a full array of investment options.
  • Brings the resources of the investment community and government together to layer and structure the appropriate financing vehicles and package them to fully meet the needs of sustainable communities.

Our Services

  • Project "Operationalization"
  • Public/Private Partnership Strategy
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Business Enterprise/Project Support and Analysis
  • Structured Layered Financing

  • Project Planning and Support
  • Financial Planning
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Debt Policy/Planning
  • Debt Issuance Financial Advisory

  • Business Planning/Strategy Development
  • Operating Strategy Development
  • Interim Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Divestiture/Harvest Strategy
  • Joint Ventures/Alliances/Partnership Planning & Execution

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