Bringing Impact-Oriented Projects to Life

What We Do

BWC Consulting works with its clients as a partner and help bring impact-oriented projects to life. Typical client projects are face difficulty in securing funding from traditional financial markets, leading them to reach out to BWC for our expertise in identifying creative, viable financing solutions. BWC has a specific focus and interest in how the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors can participate in and, when possible, work together to foster economic development in the communities in which they operate. Accordingly, in working with are clients we aim to ensure that they:

  1. Position themselves for growth and sustainability, and in doing so build thriving brands.
  2. Drive economic impact and development via creative financing strategies and structures; and, if needed…
  3. Obtain the financing needed for growth or restructure for viability vs. project financing

What Makes Us Different and Unique

BWC leadership recognizes that results are the best measure and indicator of the quality of the professional services we offer to existing and prospective clients. The firm continues to build upon its strong track record of delivering quality and impact-driven results, and in doing so we affirm that success builds upon success.

We believe that meaningful impact requires change-agents moving beyond simply having a presence in communities and proactively identifying opportunities to connect people and place. As such, BWC believes the success of organizations and businesses is inextricably tied to the success of the community and the individuals that live and work there. In an effort to put this belief into action through our work, we leverage our unique backgrounds and experience to:

  1. Develop innovative and creative solutions to meet the needs of our clients;
  2. Leverage the resources and interests of the private and public sectors to maximize success and impact; and
  3. Proactively seeks opportunities to utilize minority businesses and organizations in underserved communities achieve success.

Our approach to serving our clients has allowed us to bring to life impact-oriented projects that otherwise would likely not have become a reality. BWC’s track record of delivering results is guided by a culture of faith, integrity, transformation and impact includes:

Business & Job Creation

Assisted a minority business owner secure $17 million in NMTC financing for the expansion of an advanced manufacturing facility and operations in rural Tennessee. Expansion projected expected to create more than 100 new good-paying jobs.

K-12 Education

Advised an all-boys’ Catholic high school located in one of Los Angeles’ most highly distressed neighborhoods secure $18 million in NMTC financing for a Performing Arts Center and Theater (PAC). The PAC will allow the school to expand its educational curriculum, provide community

Higher Education

Served as FA and helped Bennett College for Women obtain a $30 million loan modification and $21 million in capital financing to build a state-of-the-art Global Learning Center, a 144-bed residential hall, an Intergenerational Center, and a Wellness Complex. Also, successfully helped the college complete $9 million in refinancing to help improve its fiscal health.

Higher Education

Structured $25 million in financing for Miles College to bring three new facilities to its campus and master plan integration of existing campus facilities.

Health & Wellness

Guided and advised the City of Rocky Mount, NC in securing $45 million in NMTC financing for a 154,000 SF multi-purpose hybrid Epicenter for Health Wellness and Sports. The facility serves as a community asset and includes a 4,500 SF health & wellness clinic that will provide medical services such as digital mammography to community members.

Community Economic Development

Finalized $12 million in complex financing for the Towne Center at Soulsville (Memphis, TN) utilizing multiple funding vehicles, including New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), grants and local funding sources.

Direct Investors

Through is capital-provider arm, BWC Capital, BWC has made direct investments into two projects alongside clients with the goal of employing transformational capital to drive impact, promote economic inclusion and broadly-shared prosperity.