Building Wealth & Communities

BWC Consulting stands in solidarity with communities across the country that are protesting against the untimely death of George Floyd. We join them in demanding the dismantling of the historic legacy of injustice against people and communities of color in America.

To show our support, BWC will launch a social investment program designed to help fund struggling minority owned-and led small and emerging businesses. An official announcement will be made in the coming days.

Helping Small, Emerging Businesses of Color

BWC+invest is a zero-percent interest loan program funded through the BWC Economic Development Infrastructure Fund (EDIF). The program is designed to provide a minimum of $10,000 to businesses of color with at least one year of operation, more than two full-time equivalent (FTE) employees and an established track record for producing enough cash flow to support loan repayment within a three-year period or to meet the requirements of the up to 50% loan forgiveness guidelines.

BWC Consulting

BWC Consulting is a minority-owned and led boutique economic development finance consulting firm. As a socially conscious firm, BWC takes a holistic, objective, and entrepreneurial approach to consulting with units of local government, higher education clients, operating companies, and emerging enterprises. Started in 2005 by Bridget Chisholm, Founder and Managing Partner, BWC has proven itself and established a strong track record structuring public-private financing for projects targeted to strengthen communities and the people they serve.

Opportunity Zones

Click here to learn more about Opportunity Zones and how BWC can be a resource in moving your projects forward.

Our Creative Financing Solutions Yields Results

Our approach to serving our clients has allowed us to bring to life impact-oriented projects that otherwise would likely not have become a reality. BWC’s track record of delivering results is guided by a culture of faith, integrity, transformation and impact.

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