Building Wealth & Communities Consulting (BWC) is deeply saddened by the recent fatal police brutality inflicted upon George Floyd. As a minority owned and led company, we stand in solidarity with protesters across the country who are committed in making clear their support and demand to dismantle the historic legacy of injustice against people and communities of color in America.

Acknowledging and respecting the humanity of all Americans is a necessary ingredient to ensuring a democracy in which equality becomes a broadly shared experience and not simply a commendable ideal. Amid these unprecedented times, ensuring that communities of color are more resilient is critical to protecting the lives of our community members. The death of George Floyd is in part reflective of the need to address legacy institutions and systems that facilitate and promote historical inequities that serve as barriers to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness for far too many Americans.

The BWC family sends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of now-deceased George Floyd. As a firm, this recent tragedy serves as an unfortunate reminder of why we do the work we do and our deliberate focus on building more resilient communities of color. As a leader in economic development and driving investment into communities of color, BWC understands the importance of supporting black businesses and black dollars. As an immediate call to action to help businesses in need during these turbulent times, in the coming days, BWC will launch a social investment program designed to support struggling minority owned-and led small and emerging businesses. As we continue to grieve this loss and give this moment the necessary space required as part of our individual and collective healing, we look forward to continuing to do the work to support and help build more resilient communities of color.

In Solidarity,

BWC Consulting

For a downloadable short version of our Solidarity Pledge click HERE.