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As a socially conscious, boutique economic development financing and consulting firm, BWC takes a holistic, objective and entrepreneurial approach to advising units of local government, operating companies and higher education clients on how to:
  1. Position themselves for growth and sustainability - Thriving Brands
  2. Drive economic impact and development via creative financing strategies and structures and/or
  3. Obtain the financing needed for growth or restructure for viability vs. project financing

What Makes Us Different?

BWC has a specific focus and interest in how the private, not-for-profit and public sectors can participate in and, when possible, work together to foster economic development in the communities in which they operate.

We believe the success of organizations and businesses is inextricably tied to the success of the community and the individuals that live and work there.

We leverage our unique backgrounds and experience to:

  1. Develop the most innovative solutions
  2. Leverage the resources and interests of the private and public sectors to maximize success and impact
  3. Help utilize minority businesses
    and organizations (like HBCU’s) in underserved communities achieve success

New Urbanism

We embrace and incorporate the concept of New Urbanism into the work we do. We define New Urbanism as sustainable economic development and community revitalization that leads to the effective implementation of sound financial strategies to build wealth in communities utilizing a triple-bottom line approach (Environment, Profit and Social/Community Equity and Wealth)
Producers vs. Users of resources

BWC Consulting

Our Innovative Financing Yields Results
In order to meet the needs of each unique client, BWC takes an innovative approach known as Structured Multi-Layered Financing, which:

  • Leverages the power of public-private partnerships using financial products and incentives, tax credits and programs available from local, state and/or federal government.
  • Incorporates traditional financial institutions willing to work in the community development space to deliver attractive financing options.
  • Accesses the constantly changing landscape of financial tools available for community development to leverage every dollar for which they qualify for a full array of investment options.
  • Brings the resources of the investment community and government together to layer and structure the appropriate financing vehicles and package them to fully meet the needs of sustainable communities.

The Tools
Financial tools for sustainable economic development are created to stretch limited resources available for projects that can have a transformative impact on a community.


BWC Consulting

Featured Projects

Edgecombe County

Advised the College on $11.3 million financing through NMTC equity and Golden Leaf Grant to develop and construct a new, 3-story, 44,978 sq. ft. Biotech and Medical Simulation Center.

Bennett College for Women

As a financial advisor to Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC, BWC completed a modification of the College's debt, unencumbering $30 million in physical assets and revenues.

Miles College

BWC advised the College on the financing and new construction of 3 new buildings including a welcome and admissions center, student housing and a student center.

What We Offer

Economic Development Advisory

  • Project "Operationalization"
  • Public/Private Partnership Strategy
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Business Enterprise/Project Support and Analysis
  • Structured Layered Financing

Higher Education Financial Advisory

  • Project Planning and Support
  • Financial Planning Ratio Analysis
  • Debt Policy/Planning
  • Debt Issuance Financial Advisory

Management and Investment Financing Consulting

  • Business Planning/Strategy Development
  • Operating Strategy Development
  • Interim Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/ Divestiture/ Harvest Strategy
  • Joint Ventures/ Alliances/ Partnership Planning & Execution

Recent Financing

($ Millions)
Edgecombe County
Date: Oct-14
Amount: $13.9
Lender: PNC Leverage, Investor, CDE - NMTC Transaction
Use: Design and Construction of an Academic and Training Facility, Biotech and Simulation Center
Texas College
Date: Aug-14
Amount ($Millions): $19
Lender: HBCU Capital Loan
use: Multiple Capital Improvements including Student Housing, Dining and Activity Center Expansion, New Music Hall, Wellness Amenities
Miles College
Date: Aug-13
Amount($Millions): $2.50
Lender: Stonehenge Capital - State NMTC
Use: Student Activity Center

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